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Dear Travellers
We inform you of the current laws and information regarding your travel to Spain this summer. Please read in its entirety so that you have a wonderful holiday with no disruptions or problems.




Face Mask

The most important thing to remember is to bring either disposable face mask or ones you can wash. We strongly suggest washable ones to help the environment.

From your arrival at your departure airport to landing in Spain you will be required to wear a face mask. Once you have landed in Spain the rules are very simple.

  • In the Valencian Community it is now mandatory to wear a face mask at all times with the following exceptions:
  1. Beaches and swimming pools
  2. Spaces of nature
  3. Hospitality and restaurant premises while food and drink is being consumed
  4. People with respiratory problems and disabilities
  5. Physical activity
  • When going out to eat you do not have to wear one when at your table but you are supposed to when leaving the table to either enter the business or use the toilet.

  • Minimum fines of 100 euros will be issued to those who do not obey the rules.

  • You are required to wear a mask if on any form of public transport including taxis, trains, coaches etc.

  • Ages: 0 – 3 Not Required / 3 – 5 recommended / 6 & up mandatory

  • If you have breathing problems, have a doctors note and you will not have to wear a mask.

Leisure activities

Whether you’re going to a shopping centre, restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, or cultural institutions such as museums or the cinema, a minimum distance of 1.5 metres must continue to be observed. It must be ensured that organisational measures are taken that are necessary to avoid crowding. When it is not possible to maintain this safety distance, appropriate hygiene measures must be observed to prevent the risks of contagion and the capacity of smaller spaces will be limited. There will also be controls regarding cleaning, making sure that spaces are regularly disinfected.


Plans have also been outlined that transport operators that work with allocated seats will have to keep lists of names in which passengers must register. In this way, if someone is found to have the virus, then those that have potentially been in contact with the infection should be found more quickly. Airlines or railway companies must keep these lists for at least four weeks. It is thought that regulations regarding leaving empty seats between passengers could be introduced but airlines and train companies are not in favour of these measures. In some cases you may be asked to fill out a health form giving your details of travel.


Spain has opened her borders to foreigners. Please respect the rules as we have worked very hard to make Spain safe for all of us.


Many beaches have set up appointment systems or have marked off areas. Please check before going to a particular beach what the process is. Those who welcome you without an appointment ask you to insure social distancing from others on the beach. Many have different rules, again these are relaxed as long as they are not taken advantage of.

For those visiting the Orihuela Costa, La Zenia beach does not require appointments. They do have rules in place and a lifeguard on duty to insure these are followed within reason.

Communal Pools

Many communities have now opened their swimming pools. Again here are rules. In the case of most communities, they cannot afford a lifeguard to be on duty and expect people to be responsible. You are to social distance from those not in your party. When in the pool your party may use a 4 sq mtr area only, no balls, no playing games. Remember the pool is there to be enjoyed by all. You are to shower before and after being in the pool. Sunlougers are only allowed if they are your personal ones. If a pool guard asks you to comply please conform.




Please note: Should you violate any rule and the police are called THEY WILL FINE YOU HEAVY! Simply follow the easy guides.


The rules may seem daunting but really they are not. Simply be sensible and responsible and all will be fine. You will have a wonderful holiday. You may find some things strange, but we have all been through the same past few months and now it is time to work towards a normality we can all enjoy.

Welcome to sunny Spain, enjoy, play golf, sunbathe, eat and drink and most of all enjoy your family time. We want each and everyone to be safe and return home safe.


Thanks and we hope this helps you understand the requirements for you to enjoy Spain.