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Benidorm - Things To See And Do

Benidorm has an abundance of sights and activities in addition to its lovely beaches and pleasant temperature, much like any true summer holiday destination. There is a vast array of things to do; here are some recommendations for the top things to do and locations to see in the region. Make reservations for your holiday rental in Benidorm and get set for a memorable trip.

Travel to Benidorm with In The Sun Holidays

Benidorm was merely a tiny fishing village not too long ago; in comparison to the regions constructed in more recent times, the historical centre that may be seen today is very small. In the highest portion of the town, a few streets round the principal monuments and objects of interest. They are perched atop a cliff dividing Playa de Poniente from Playa de Levante.

This is the most panoramic location in the town centre; there are multiple vantage points from which to capture the ideal shot of the coast around Plaza Santa Ana, the principal plaza in the casco antiguo. The most striking are the Balcón del Mediterraneo and the Mirador del Castillo, which are situated directly on the edge of a cliff, a short distance south of Plaza Santa Ana.

Plaza Santa Ana Benidorm with In The Sun Holidays

Visit the Plaza Santa Ana itself, it's worth it. A tiny craft market, street performers practically every hour of the day, and a number of bars with terraces where you may sip cocktails and people-watch are all located here. The Iglesia de San Jaime and Santa Ana, the primary church in the city centre, was constructed in the eighteenth century, and is located on the right side of the plaza.

Walking down the narrow streets behind Plaza Santa Ana will take you right into the heart of the city. The number of shops, malls, bars, and restaurants (many of which are housed in former fisherman's houses) available in such a small area will astound you. If you want to go shopping or sample the local cuisine, you'll have no trouble finding it here.

Benidorm Island, just a short distance offshore, is a fascinating day trip destination. This 400-meter-long rocky islet rises sharply from the ocean floor and is a part of the Sierra Helada mountain range, which stretches along Benidorm's eastern shore.

Benidorm Island with In The Sun Holidays

Until the 18th century, the island was home to a small community of fishermen who wanted to take advantage of the abundant fish population along its shores and avoid the dangers found on the mainland. The island is now deserted. Many marine species, including octopuses, barracudas, dentex, amberjacks, and moray eels, can be found on the rocky and shallow seabed that envelops the island, making this protected marine area a true haven for scuba divers.

Because of the island's easily navigable paths, families with children and nature enthusiasts will also enjoy a trip there. Numerous bird species that have chosen to nest here will be visible to you during your walk because of the nearly total lack of predators. Remember that even though the island is covered in vegetation, the majority of it consists of bushes and shrubs, so there isn't much shade. It's a good idea to avoid the middle of the day during the hottest part of the summer if you are visiting with kids.

Check locally for any trips to the island or tours.

A Full Day Visit To The Algar Waterfalls, Villajoyosa, or Guadalest

Algar Falls Benidorm with In The Sun Holidays

There are a few hidden treasures to find if you want to spend a day exploring Benidorm's surroundings instead of spending it at the beaches.

Only 20 kilometres separate the charming village of Guadalest from Benidorm. Renowned for its amazing castle, the fortress sits atop a cliff with a breathtaking view of a thriving valley filled with almond and pine trees as well as an intriguing reservoir. Constructed in the Moorish era, the fortress evolved under the Catholic domain beginning in the mid-13th century.

The castle is in ruins due to earthquakes and battles over the years, but you can still explore the walls, towers, and some of the main buildings, which provide breathtaking views of the surrounding valley and mountains. The village itself is worth a visit as well, with its restaurants serving up regional cuisine and shops brimming with handcrafted goods.

Less than 20 km from Benidorm's centre, the Algar waterfalls are a breathtaking natural wonder situated outside the charming mediaeval village of Callosa d'En Sarrià, which has Moorish origins. The area's many springs produce an amazing scenery of naturally formed pools encircled by woodlands, tiny waterfalls, and streams—ideal settings for a cool dip and leisurely picnic.

Ten kilometres to the south of Benidorm is a small fishing village called Villajoyosa. This bright, charming town is well-known for its authentically Mediterranean atmosphere, which permeates its winding streets and is bordered by colourful homes. It's the ideal location to experience the "genuine feel" of a Mediterranean seaside town, unwind on its gorgeous Playa Paraiso beach, and savour the regional cuisine.

Villajoyosa Benidorm with In The Sun Holidays

Travel Trains & Coaches

Tourist buses and trains are another way to get around Benidorm. A guided tour of the beaches and the city's main attractions can be had in five languages by boarding the Trainvision road train or the double-decker tourist bus.

A ride on the Trenet de la Marina, a tram that runs along the coast from Alicante to Benidorm, is another fantastic option. The hour-long drive offers beautiful scenery, particularly between Altea and Denia, as well as the chance to stop and explore a few small coastal towns along the way, like Villajoyosa. A train departs every hour; visit the official website to view the schedule.

Activities with Water

Benidorm Water Sports with In The Sun Holidays

There are lots of fun things to do in, on top of, and near the water in Benidorm. Numerous nautical centres can be found on the resort's beaches and in the marina, providing a wide range of equipment for sports enthusiasts, including sailing and motorboats, kayaks, canoes, SUPs, surfboards, and fishing or diving gear.

You can reserve an exciting ride on a banana boat, fly fish, or water ski, or you can rent a boat or a jet ski if you'd rather engage in more leisurely activities. Try cable skiing or paragliding if you're feeling particularly daring. Don't pass up the chance to attend a boat party if you're travelling with friends; tickets start at about 65€ per person and include a catamaran party and open bar.

Water Parks & Entertainment

Benidorm Water Parks with In The Sun Holidays

Finding things to keep their young ones occupied and give them a way to release some steam can make travelling with children stressful at times for parents. Water parks and amusement centres abound throughout the Costa Blanca, and Benidorm is no exception. Some of the largest and most well-liked water parks in the Costa Blanca (and all of Spain) can be found in the city and its environs, and the majority of them are suitable for both kids and adults.

Situated near the Sierra Helada Natural Park and only a short distance from the city centre is Mundomar, an animal park. You can help with shows, take pictures with the animals, and swim with sea lions in addition to seeing a variety of animals here, including dolphins, sea lions, lemurs, parrots, flamingos, otters, monkeys, toucans, and swans.

Another area of Terra Natura devoted to animals is its 320,000 square metre immersive experience, which is split into four main zones representing various parts of the globe. A few kilometres from the city centre, the park is home to Aquanatura, a water park with plenty of attractions like pools, eateries, and shows featuring marine life. For the entire day, prices start at 25 euros for children and 31 euros for adults. The animal and water parks are both accessible.

An amusement park called Terra Mitica features a tonne of thrilling rides for people of all ages, including shows that are based on ancient history. The prices range from 28€ for children to 39€ for adults; however, online reservations are eligible for a discount.

One of the most well-liked water parks in the region is Aqualandia. It's situated next to Mundomar and in the heart of Benidorm, a short distance from Playa de Levante. It has fifteen attractions (wave pools, waterfalls, jacuzzis, and slides) that are suitable for people of all ages. The park is home to Europe's tallest slide, which has a starting point on a 33-meter-high platform and a top speed of 100 km/h during the descent.

Tours for Horseback Riding and Biking

Benidorm Horse Riding with In The Sun Holidays

For cyclists, the Costa Blanca is a veritable paradise. Given the year-round excellent weather and diverse landscape, it should come as no surprise that a large number of professional cyclists, both road and mountain biking, frequent the region for their winter training.

For a cycling vacation, Benidorm makes a fantastic starting point. From here, you can take advantage of the numerous road cycling routes that are located right outside the centre, explore the Sierra Helada and Montgó Natural Park, or just stroll along the Paseo Maritimo to take in the scenery and watch the sun set. Numerous bike rentals are available in the city, and year-round events, races, and tours are hosted by neighbourhood cycling associations.

The Downhill Bike Ride is a unique experience that allows you to fly downhill on a bike for 30km while taking in some amazing views of the Benidorm coast and mountains! Riders of all skill levels (including kids) can participate in the experience.

For those who enjoy horseback riding, Benidorm also provides opportunities. Centro Hipico Sierra Helada is a horseback riding centre a short distance north of the city centre, perfect for a quick two-hour ride or an exploration of the surrounding area. The company offers guided tours in the Sierra Helada Natural Park and along the coast. For all skill levels, they also provide lessons and courses. Get a quote from them, then enjoy the journey!