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Cartagena Castles

Cartagena Castles from In The Sun Holidays

Cartagena is a old naval port on the eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain but its maritime heritage is not the only reason that the city attracts visitors all year round. There are several catles in the surrounding area which show other sides to the history of the region.

The Castillo de la Concepcion sits in the centre of the city and offers great views of the city and harbour. Sat on Conception Hill, this former Roman temple and Moorish fortress was recently adapted to be a centre of local history and contains many displays and exhibits about the city and life inside the castle through the ages.

To the south east of the city is the Castle of Los Moros. Although mostly just the ruined walls remain, the castle was designed to defend the port and hospital from the 1700s and offers a good view across the marina and into the Mediterranean Sea.

Fuerte de Navidad or Christmas Fort lies to the south west of the city. Originally constructed in the 17th century as a small artillery platform, more buildings were added over the following 200 years until more recent military technology rendered it largely ceremonial. Today, the fortress is a military museum providing information on the city's defenses and has recreations of various rooms showing life for historical castle's inhabitants.

You can find out more about these castles and the history of the area on the Puerto de Culturas website at

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