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Terra Natura Zoo - Benidorm

Terra Natura Zoo - Benidorm

Visiting Terra Natura Zoo will take you on a journey coming in contact with some of the most beautiful creatures on earth. A visitor can accompany the caretakers and have the Zoo Experience trip and discover animals up close in their friendly habitats. This is a free activity and you can learn about the poisonous creatures in the volcano, the birds at the aviary, as well as the jaguars, dromedaries, elephants, tigers, rhinos, otters, and hundreds more throughout the park.

Terra Natura has a responsibility to help safeguard animal species in danger of extinction. With current trends of deforestation and the destruction of natural areas, there will be few resources for these animals to survive. Terra Natura participates in programs to avoid the distinctions of animals such as the leopard, the jaguar, the Sumatran tiger, the Asian lion, the Asiatic elephant, the Indian rhinoceros, the Indian Gaur bison, the Indian Barasingha deer, the Asiatic wild dog, and others.

Wildlife is one of the most beautiful things on earth and a visit to Terra Natura can immerse you fully into the beauty of who shares the land with us.

Address: Avda. Alcalde Eduardo Zaplana, cruce con, CV-70, 03502 Benidorm, Alicante

Telephone: (+34) 955 07 27 70
Website: Terra Natura Zoo - Benidorm

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